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Control of Organisation's Intellectual Property

  • Do not copy any software programmed file or drawing etc. from the computer till the time it is extremely essential.
  • Do not carry and do not allow anyone to carry any CD/Floppy/File/Notes/Drawings etc. outside the Factory premises without prior intimation to the appropriate authority.
  • Subject yourself to Security check (Random/Surprise) if requested.
  • Ensure that the issued files are received back by the concerned department. A record of Issue/Receipt of files specifying the date/time should be maintained in the department and the same should be countersigned by the concerned in charge.
  • Ensure that no employee is copying any design, software programmed file or notes on any floppy from the computer without your permission and carry it outside the factory premises.
  • Ensure that no employee is bringing any personal pen drive, CD in the department.
  • Strictly securities check.
  • No CD writer is allowed in any of the computer without the prior permission of the Factory Head.
  • To ensure that the computer repairer is not copying anything from the computer and is not carrying any company property after repair.
  • Pen drives are not allowed in any of the computer, all the computers will be sealed. One can copy the data only from authorized person.
  • All visitors must declare their CD’s, Floppies and other items in the Declaration Form at the Security gate and the same must be endorsed on the visitor slip by the Security Supervisor/Security Inspector.
  • In case of any misplaced/loss of intellectual property the customer will be intimated & suitable legal course will be taken for any such losses otherwise.