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Privacy Policy

Management has defined a Policy that any visitor/outsider will only be allowed entrance after prior security check. Security check shall involve entering personal details, number of electron- ic devices carried inside the factory premises.

IN CASE OF PHONE WITH CAMERA security will paste sticker on camera and verbally inform that PHOTOGRAPHY IS PROHIBITED in the company premises.

IN CASE OF LAPTOP the visitor will be strictly prohibited to connect the laptop with any data cable. Also the employees are not allowed to connect their personal laptop / phone with any data cable in order to safeguard confidential data.

IN CASE OF ANY DRAWING/TECHNICAL INFORMATION any customer will only be allowed to carry any drawing/technical data outside the company premises only after prior permission from H.O.D.


The implementation of this policy is the responsibility of the security. If any visitor will object on the same and argue with Security, then H.R. department will involve in the same and con- vince the visitor about importance of the Policy. If any Visitor will not be ready to follow the above rules, then he/she will be only allowed a brief meeting at the factory gate or reception area.