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Work Ethics Policy

  1. Company employees and labor are our biggest asset.
  2. No bonded labor will be allowed and respect will be given to each and everyone.
  3. No child labor is allowed in the company.
  4. No discrimination shall be made on the basis of Age, Gender, Sexual orientation, Ethnici- ty, Disability, Political affiliation, Caste, Color, Religion.
  5. No compromise will be entertained with labor statutes.
  6. No employees/prospective employees are bound to deposit any amount, Passport, Origi- nal Certificates or any other identity cards issued by Govt. Authority to the company for employment
  7. Merits are always appreciated by the management; Up-gradation of skills will be an on- going process for mutual benefits.
  8. All employees/workers are free to enter and exit during their non-working hours except as required by law.
  9. No employee shall abuse his/her power.
  10. One rest day will be given after six working days.
  11. Salary will be given to all the employees on 7th of every month or before it.
  12. Employee will only be allowed to work in one shift i.e., 8 hours’ duty either in the day or during night.
  13. No employee shall be allowed to accept & offer gifts to customers, suppliers, Govt. Bod- ies or any other external agency.
  14. All the employees of the company will use decent language while working.
  15. No corruption shall be allowed in the factory.
  16. No sexual harassment shall be allowed in the factory. Sexual harassment includes un- welcome sexually determined behavior
    (whether directly or by implication) as :
    (i) physi- cal contact and advances;
    (ii) Demand or request for sexual favors;
    (iii) Sexually-colored remarks;
    (iv) Showing pornography;
    (v) Any other unwelcome physical, verbal or non verbal conduct of sexual nature.
  17. All the employees shall abide by Rules & Regulations of the company
  18. All the employees shall be disciplined while working.
  19. No employee shall be allowed to bring or use Gutkha / Tobacco etc. inside factory prem- ises.
  20. No employee shall be allowed to misuse any of the company resources.
  21. Working area and vicinity will be kept clean and tidy.
  22. Personnel with open wound, rash or boils on exposed body parts should not be given work till the time his/her conditions improve.
  23. Workers are free to join /form any association for safeguarding their interest. In any case of violation in any point of mentioned above, please contact factory head for nec- essary course of action.